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On this route you can combine high plain with sparse vegetation and the orchards which, like an oasis, grow up around any stream. It is tranquil country between the low-lying hills and the small vegetable gardens which still use the ancient irrigation system with dams and artesian wells. There is thus a mixture of extensive olive groves with the Valdecañas kitchen gardens.
ITINERARY: Behind the animal fodder factory on the Carabaña road, take the path on the left. After 300 metres continue on the left-hand path. You are surrounded by olive trees. Then you will come to a complicated crossing. Take the right path first of all, then the left and then the right again. You will have the Puchero Hill on your right. A kilometre further on there is another path. You take the one on the right. After 200 metres take the left-hand one to come out on the M-231 by the Tielmes Path. Keeping to your left, border the Cadenas Spring, leaving it behind on your right. Before reaching Peñas Gordas you turn left again to return to the town. In 700 metres you take the right-hand path and in another 200 metres the left-hand one for about 600 metres more. Continue straight on over the next two crossings until you come to the town, taking the left turn.


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JourneyVillarejo de Salvanés
Length7 km
Duration3 hours on foot
Height754-774 metres
DifficultyMedium - Easy
UsersOn foot By bicycle
SeasonSpring and Autumn
InfrastructureWell sign-posted
ActivitiesViews over the countryside. Observation of wildlife and animal footprints
AdviceTake water. In summer, take suitable protection from the sun. The part you can do by bicycle is the beginning of the route