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This is an exceptional place near the Horcajo Stream. It has four ecological units: the gall oak wood, the holm oak-kermes oak wood, the river bank and the plains. On this route you can see a large variety of butterflies, bustards, etc. It is an idyllic spot for insect and bird lovers. You will come across a lot of springs on this journey - the Horcajuelo Spring, the Tejera Spring, etc.
ITINERARY: Leave Belmonte on the road leading to the cemetery. Here you will find the first signboard with a map of the route. Leave the cemetery on your left and continue along the path. About 300 metres further on you will cross the Horcajuelo Stream. This is an area of low scrub woodland. 200 metres from the stream the path forks. Take the right-hand path towards Carihuela. You will enter into an area cultivated with vines and olive groves. 200 metres on is a path off to the right. Don’t take it. After a kilometre across cultivated land on the right you will see a path which crosses the one you are on. Take this one. It is the Pan y Paja (Bread and Straw) Path. Follow this path until you cross the Horcajo Stream, about 800 metres on. To your left there is, once more, low scrub vegetation and to the right cultivated fields. 200 metres after crossing the stream, take the path on your left to return to the town. This runs parallel to the stream which is on your left. Some kilometres further on you will pass some small houses where you will see a road on your right. Do not take this one. Get onto the road in front which is wider. After 700 metres on this road you will arrive at another fork. Take the left-hand path, and also at the next one 600 metres on. You will see olive groves and vineyards on both sides of the path. This is where you enter the town after passing the Lower Spring in the Paseo de las Fuentes.


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JourneyBelmonte de Tajo
Length7 km
Duration3 hours on foot
Height600-735 metres
DifficultyMedium - easy
UsersOn foot
SeasonAll year round
InfrastructureSprings. Well sign-posted
ActivitiesViews over the countryside and observation of wild life
AdviceCycling for beginners. In the summer, take suitable protection from the sun