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This route crosses fields of olive trees until it reaches the last part where the vegetation is sparse. There are two possible straight routes with dry land crops, passing through a variety of places like La Tordera, Valdelapila and Cabeza Aguda.
ITINERARY: The route begins on a track with an area of fields on your right. On the left, it enters olive groves. You exit the town leaving the Driebes road on your right. Take the track which passes the cemetery on your right. A few metres on, you will see a crossing of tracks and paths. Keep going straight. For a while you will go parallel to the Brea stream. After approximately 1 km you will see a path on your left which leads to a solitary house. Don’t take this. After some 700 metres there is a path on your right, smaller than the one you are on. There you can opt for continuing the route via the track you are on, or via the path. On the track, you cannot get lost because you keep on it; there are about 4km to the end and you will come to five cross-paths where you just continue straight on. But on the pathway, amidst olive trees, after 600 metres there is a fork. This is Pozo de las Viñas. Here, don’t take the right-hand path or the left-hand one. Keep going straight. A kilometre and a half further on, take the right-hand path and about 200 metres ahead of you, again you will find paths on both sides of the route, but continue straight for about 300 metres more. There you take the left-hand turn until the end of the path – one kilometre.


JourneyBrea de Tajo
LengthAbout 8 kms
Duration3 and a half hours on foot
Height730-800 metres
UsersOn foot By bicycle
SeasonSpring and Autumn
InfrastructureWell sign-posted
ActivitiesViews over the countryside. Observation of wildlife. Binoculars for watching birds of prey
AdviceTake water. In summer, take suitable protection from the sun