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This route makes the region famous for its wine cellars, crossing through vineyards meticulously tended for centuries.
These lands can boast of a very ancient wine history. You will see many enormous earthenware jars in the area, which reminds us that, for centuries, families used to elaborate their own wine for domestic consumption. In fact, the old houses still have the caves they used to use as wine cellars.

Over recent years co-operatives and private wine cellars have collaborated to improve the quality of their production. Today, under the Denomination of Origin “Madrid Wines”, the region reaps international prizes for its wines and is starting to be recognised on the market.

They are magnificent red wines. An outstanding one is that made with the Tempranillo grape. There are also light white wines with varieties such as Malvar and Airén, and rosé wines, yet they are still unknown to many people in Madrid.

To discover the Wines of southeast Madrid, you begin the route in Valdilecha, which today has three wine cellars functioning (WINE CELLARS-VALDILECHA). The route continues through Tielmes (WINE CELLARS-TIELMES), to Villarejo de Salvanés (WINE CELLARS-VILLAREJO DE SALVANÉS) where there are three cellars. You will visit two cellars in Belmonte de Tajo (WINE CELLARS-BELMONTE DE TAJO) to finish up in Valdelaguna where there is a wine house museum which you can visit in the Pablo Morate Wine Cellars (WINE CELLARS-VALDELAGUNA).


JourneyValdilecha, Tielmes, Villarejo de Salvanés, Belmonte de Tajo, Valdelaguna
Length33 km
DurationOne day
UsersBy car