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The Mancomunidad Intermunicipal del Sudeste de la Comunidad de Madrid, under the initials MISECAM, incorporates the southeast of Madrid bordering the Region of Castilla-La Mancha and, specifically, the provinces of Toledo, Cuenca and Guadalajara.

You will discover a surprising destination for your weekends in our territory. It is a surprise to find harmony in surroundings so close to a big city like Madrid. It is a surprise to find such an ideal spot to regale the senses and to exercise in the open country. The colour of the sky and the sun will also take you by surprise. The fields are a surprise too, dotted as they are with olive trees, vines or crops on a limpid horizon. Lastly, the towns and friendliness of the inhabitants are surprising.

MISECAM Monuments Guide (3.97 MB)